RECEIVE NIGHT: Monday 13th May 2019.

Receive is the name of Generate's Youth Worker nights, catered especially for youth workers all over London. Whether you work with youth in a charity, a church, or as a teacher or counsellor, these nights are for you to simply come and receive. No planning, no cost. Just receive. We spend much of our time pouring out into others and are usually in the front line fighting emotional and spiritual battles. Often we find ourselves tired, burnt out, and sometimes lonely in this ministry. Our hope and goal for these nights are for you to receive, be encouraged, and leave emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthier than when you walked in.

The talk below is conversation between Gary (Mental Health Therapist) and Frank (Director of Generate Ministries) on the life of a youth worker. Gary talks about the importance of Vulnerability, discipline of time and the best gift you can give.