Why Generate Ministries?

A clear calling has developed in my life which contains two parts: Ministry to youth and ministry to youth workers. In the context of central London, there is a massive need for both. Many local and central London based churches do not have the amount of youth of resources to run a regular youth program. Generate seeks to provide central youth gatherings for like-minded gospel-centered churches. In addition, many who work with youth desire encouragement and refreshment. Generate seeks to provide this through a monthly night of ministry to youth workers to come and receive, and to minister too. 


What Does Generate Need?

For the first year of launch, our need is to cover the cost of salary, venues, and resources. First, in order to free Frank up to focus on planning and running Generate, we are fundraising for his salary for one year. Second, in order to provide a space for the twice a month youth gathering, and once a month ministry worker nights, we are fundraising to cover the cost of venues. Lastly, in order to resource these ministries, we are fundraising for things such as books, teaching materials, food for ministry nights and, of course, games! We believe that fundraising for the first year cost of Generate will provide a runway for our long-term vision, which is to become a registered Charity and be funded by the generous donations of local churches and individual donors. 


How Can You Help?

As I now take steps in this direction, I would humbly ask for your support and partnership. What would this support look like? Prayer, encouragement, and resources. First of all, I would appreciate your prayers in this season that Generate would become the ministry God wants it to be. Also, I would ask for your encouragement, for those of you who know me, to speak into my life God’s truth, as we all need it in every journey. And lastly, you can help with resources. We have just launched our Give Send Go page, an easy way for you to donate towards this first and crucial year.


How Are the Funds managed?

An initial first-year financial adversary group has been created in order to provide accountability and wisdom. These members have access to all monies donated and will ensure that funds are used for the purpose stated above. Long term, we seek to establish Generate as a Charity with trustees. The first year of donated funds will help us lay the foundation for this. If you would like to contact any of the members of the Financial advisory team, their details are list below. In addition, we will provide a quarterly report online of how the funds are being used. 


Start date for full time: 1st September 2018


Target: $35,000 US Dollars (£28,000 British Sterling)

  • 85% will go to fund Frank's Salary for the first year.

  • 15% will go towards Generate expenses.

Advisory Board: Jonathan and Jen Hotchkiss Email: accounts@generateministries.org



If you are UK resident, you can directly deposit your donations to this account



If you are overseas and wish to donate to Generate Ministries please click on the link below, and you will be directed to Give Send Go page where you will have an option to a one time giving or a monthly giving.